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Glass Whiteboard Application
Turn any office or conference glass into a whiteboard!
Reflections Glass Tinting, Inc. can transform your office glass into a dry-erase marker board surface, with simple professional installation of opaque frosted window film.

Combine Durability and Flexibility

Whether you choose a full floor to ceiling dry-erase surface or a band that is open at the top and the bottom...make presentations fun and effective with this stylish update to traditional whiteboards.

Dual Functionality

glass into a whiteboard diagram

Combine durability, versatility and a modern contemporary design. When not in use as a markerboard, simply wipe the glass clean and the frosted glass on the reverse side, doubles as an elegant privacy screen.

Turn glass into a reusable writing surface

wipedout glass

Dry erase markers show up vividly against a frosted film backdrop, transforming the glass in conference rooms and private offices into dynamic visual aids and creative spaces.
The durable smooth surface of glass can be written directly on and wiped clean again and again, making it a cost efficient whiteboard with refined style

Window Film Opacities
conference room whiteboard
We can make your white board glass surface unique, with varying degrees of Opacity, Textures, Designs and even Colors.

window film opacity chart